How Good Are You At Judging People? Take This Fun Quiz To Find Out!

Give me a virtual high-five if you agree when I say that you have been wrongly judged at least once in your life.

Good! Now that we are on the same page can we please talk about how annoying that is? Like there’s a holy doctrine for stereotypes – Fat people are fat because they eat a lot, all Bengalis know Rabindra Sangeet by heart, all girls have pink bedrooms, all guys can stay without showering for at least a week, and the list goes on!

But do you know who is the supreme of all wrong judgements? A cable operator! Let me explain:

First, your cable operator always thinks you are super rich, nagging you to buy their most expensive package. Second, if you ever speak in a regional language for too long in front of them, you can kiss your English channels goodbye! Third, they always seem to judge your taste in TV channels based on your appearance.

If you’re silently nodding your head, these videos featuring Anurag Kashyap and Sivamani will make you go “SAME!”:

While clearly the cable guys are absolutely hopeless in judging people, let’s see how good you are at it:





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