UP Man Gets Judged For Eating Rajma Chawal With His Hands At A Café, Desis Weigh In

There are two kinds of people in India – one who like using their hands while eating and the other who are so proficient with using cutlery that they can even eat a burger with a fork and knife. And they always judge others for their way of eating food especially when you’re eating in a public place.

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But shouldn’t this be a personal choice? And why look down upon anyone for using a method that makes them comfortable while eating? To each his own, right?

But this didn’t happen with a guy named Vivek hailing from Uttar Pradesh. When the Reddit user went to a restaurant, he ordered rajma-chawal and started eating it with his bare hands, a common practice still in India. However, when a lady walked past him, she gave him a disgusted look. Her reaction popped a question into his mind. ‘How are you supposed to eat food in a restaurant in India?’

how do you eat food in a restaurant in India? from india

Some Redditors were irked how people always have some opinion or the other on other people’s lives.


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A lot of people also shared suggestions to deal with those who make them feel less for being themselves.

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Here’s why some prefer eating with cutlery over their hands.

Eat what you want, however you want. What’s with this food shaming? Let him eat, woman!

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