‘RRR’ Star Jr. N.T.R. Tries To Pull Off American Accent In Interview, Desis Call It ‘Cringe’

From Neha Kakkar to Saif Ali Khan, a lot of Bollywood celebs have committed the crime of using fake accents or switching to foreign accents in public which made them the butt of jokes online.

And even though people online keep calling out celebs for trying to appear all American or British, some celebs still don’t take note of it.

Now, it’s popular Telugu film star Jr. N.T.R. AKA Tarak, who is being called out for trying to pull off an American accent during an interview.


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In a video that’s been extensively circulating online, the actor was seen interacting with an English woman in the US about his period action film ‘RRR’. The film has been nominated at the Golden Globe Awards.

While seated alongside the interviewer and director S S Rajamouli, Tarak is seen talking about his experience of making the song ‘Nattu Nattu’ and the part of the movie that he liked the most. It was then that he switched to an American accent and it didn’t go well with desis online.


Twitter remained unimpressed with his accent switch and wondered why he didn’t speak the way he usually does.

Either Tarak thought the angrez interviewer won’t understand him if he spoke in his OG accent or he was faking it to make it. Do you have any other explanations for it?

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