Remember The Girl Who Shared Mom’s Story Of Remarrying? Journo Exposes Her False Cries For Help

Back in 2021, a girl named Shreya Somani went viral after she shared the story of her mother getting remarried after having suffered from an abusive marriage. The incident had grabbed several headlines back then, inspiring many to rethink their notions on divorced women remarrying.

Here’s a link to the story: read.

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However, a journalist and activist named Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj recently took to Twitter to share screenshots of her conversation with Shreya Somani.

On May 10, Shreya Somani took to Twitter to claim that her family had been abandoned by her stepfather. They had no money and were stranded in Dubai. She further alleged that her stepfather had run away, leaving them with no money, clothes, food and a house.

After her tweet went viral, Deepika Bhardwaj reached out to her and got her contacts in Mumbai and Dubai to help her out. They allegedly gave them financial assistance. However, Shreya Somani was calling her non-stop but Deepika explained to her that such things don’t happen overnight and they need a bit of time to help her out.

“I pitched in to help. Got my contacts in Dubai & Mumbai to help & they extended support to these women including financial assistance. This girl was calling me non-stop & I told her things don’t happen overnight. Of course her only target was to get back at her step-father & make him look like a monster. I should have gauged better,” Deepika tweeted.

However, soon Shreya’s tone changed and she spoke very disrespectfully to Deepika. Here’s a screenshot:

It was then that Deepika took a step back. But the texts that she started receiving from the mother-daughter duo were unacceptable.

“Slowly, many evidences started emerging against them including their lavish lifestyle just days before this distress call & sleazy tweets made by this girl on twitter from her old account. I took a step back. And today, this girl & her mother send me these messages out of nowhere. Read the language of this girl Shreya Somani.”

“No doubt I was a loser believing her crocodile tears. People say I don’t help women. I did and this is what I got in return. I got fooled despite knowing such women so well, no wonder so many are taken for a ride with such cooked-up stories. I helped as a human so of course no regrets but putting this out so that they don’t con anyone else,” Deepika added.

Have a look at her tweet here:

That’s not all. After digging through some of her Instagram posts from recent times, it seems like the family is, after all, not under any distress and is having a pretty good time.

Shreya Somani has deactivated her Twitter account and deleted a few of her Instagram stories but before that, people had already taken screenshots of evidence suggesting that what she posted was a cooked-up story.

People online were left shocked and disgusted by this. Here’s what they have been saying on Twitter:

What are your views on this incident?

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