Journo Reveals How Men Touch Their Crotch Near Women, Crowd Female Reporters On Duty

If you are a woman, chances are that there are several things you think about before doing even the most basic activities. Take, for example, travelling via a public bus – you often check who is standing behind you, you sometimes hold your bag near your chest, and you may even skip sitting on an empty seat in the general compartment. All this is to prevent yourself from getting sexually harassed.

Things are worse for many female journalists. Aishwarya Iyer, a journalist, recently took to Twitter to express her utter disappointment at men who keep touching their crotches and make vulgar gestures in public and crowd female reporters on duty.

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Just to ensure the men are at a distance, she had to pull out a selfie stick.

This is something most women can relate to – constantly checking if anyone is trying to graze their hands on your body.

Several people online could associate with what she was saying. While some revealed that the same is the case with women across the world, others hoped for men to change their behavior.

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Don’t you think men, from all sections of society, should be taught basic public decency and civic sense?

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