Journalist Couple Adopts Newborn Girl Abandoned In Rajasthan, Restores Our Faith In Humanity!


India’s struggle to eradicate the rapidly increasing atrocities against women is century old. Apart from teenage or mature women, female infants are also subjected to cruelty and ill-treatment. Although over the years, enough has been done to spread awareness, yet there are some places in India where she is not accepted and left to die in miserable circumstances, only questioning the existence of humanity.

A similar case was recently reported in the city of Rajasthan when a video of an abandoned female infant soaked in blood went viral on social media.

The video bears testimony to the barbaric mentality of people that don’t weigh women on the same pedestal.


But if the world is full of heartless ignorant people, there are few compassionate souls that restore the faith in humanity through their acts of kindness.

A journalist couple became the ray of hope for this little angel who was found lying in a mountain of garbage, in Rajasthan’s Nagaur area.


Sakshi Joshi and Vinod Kapri are the God sent couple who decided to adopt this abandoned newborn baby girl after they saw her crying in pain in a viral twitter video.

The heartbroken couple immediately inquired about her after which twitter instantly reached out to help them. They were later informed that the child was taken to JLN hospital at Nagaur, Rajasthan.

The couple later shared the child’s video on Twitter, sleeping peacefully on the hospital bed. They also mentioned that the adoption process is underway and they can soon be her legal parents.

This is how people reacted to their heartwarming gesture:


Since Vinod had earlier directed the critically acclaimed movie PIHU, someone even suggested him to name her after it

And Pihu she became…

While the little angel is still not completely out of danger, everyone’s prayers are with her and the couple

While India has a long way to go in tackling female infanticide, let’s not digress from the beautiful example Sakshi and Vinod have set in front of the whole world today. It’s a win for the girl, for the couple, for India, for humanity.

Social media is indeed a magical place which if used with positive intentions can lead to miracles like this. More power to the wonderful couple and we wish their race only grows stronger.

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