Journo Heckled On LIVE TV By Goons At AMU While Talking To Muslim Women About Triple Talaq

One of the core duties a journalist’s job entails is bringing reportage about issues that affect the people and talking to the masses about the major policy changes in the country. Agreed? But what if a section of the mob doesn’t let one do their duty and butt in during a LIVE reporting session. And to top it up, they hurl abuses at the journalist and harass her. How do you react then?

It happened to an India Today journalist, Ilma Hasan, who was at the Aligarh Muslim University talking to Muslim women who were hailing the verdict on Triple Talaq (which was made illegal by the Supreme Court on Tuesday).



While she was doing her LIVE bulletin, and women were sharing what they feel about the verdict, male students from the Aligarh Muslim University heckled the interview and asked the journalist to leave.

“Permission  Li hain? Permission dikhaye.”


They constantly questioned her if she has the permission to shoot there, to which she said she has the requisite permission needed for her live bulletin. Not convinced, the men ganged up on her and started hurling abuses at her. She was flanked by 15-20 men.


As soon as Hasan cut short her LIVE, she told one of the men,

“Ek baar kar liya, Agli baari kara na toh Police bulwa denge.”


To which they started yelling,

“Haan bulwao. Police bulwaiye aap. University PRO ko lagaiye phone. bulwaiye.”


As we can see in the video, they threatened her and she too stood her ground. It was with the help of the locals, Ilma could get out of the crowd and then continue her bulletin.

She can also be heard asking them to show their faces to the camera, since they could interrupt a LIVE interview, why can’t they show their faces?.


Rana Safvi, an author, and AMU alumni apologised to Hasan and condemned the behaviour of the students.


An alumna herself, Ilma added how some locals and other AMU students helped her.


Soon, people started lauding for Hasan.


The media clan too started condemning the act.


And, Tweeple too were standing with Ilma.

Hasan has filed a police complaint. She held her ground and it’s applause-worthy. But the sad bit is that even when the women tried to speak, few AMU men didn’t let them voice their opinions.