SRK, Deepika Were On A Difficult Diet, Workout Regime For ‘Pathaan’ But John Didn’t Need It

One of the best things about ‘Pathaan’ has been its casting. Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham are all massive stars. There couldn’t have been a better female actor to match SRK’s screen presence and there couldn’t have been a better villain than John to match his stature.


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If you have seen the film, you would know that all three actors are in incredible shape, physically. They are lean, muscular, fit and spectacularly hot. I couldn’t decide whom to look at and whom to miss. Clearly, they have put in a lot of work into looking the way they did in the film. At least, two of them did. 😛

Here’s what I mean. In a video, Deepika answered a few questions related to ‘Pathaan’ and one of the questions was, “Audience cannot stop raving about how fit you’re looking in Pathaan. Was there any special diet/prep that you did for it?”

Deepika was conscious enough to not specifically share her workout routine or name the kind of diet she was on, as people tend to get influenced by it, but she did mention that she was on a very strict diet and workout routine which needed a lot of discipline for her to be able to maintain her physique for a year.

But then comes John Abraham. When he was asked whether he did any special training to prepare his body for ‘Pathaan’, he shook his head and said there was none.

This goes on to prove that he was born with abs. He made the rest of his body after hitting the gym! 😛

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