10 Times John Abraham Was So Humble That It Made Us Question ‘How So Perfect, John?’

I can say a lot about John Abraham. I can gush over the way he looks, his gorgeous abs and his unmatched skills of acting, action and adakari forever!

But today, it is bigger that that. Hailing from a very humble background, the world knows that John Abraham is not just a man of distinguished values, but a man with a cause. He has not just promoted health and taken a lot of efforts to make sure that India becomes healthier, he has exploited his reputation as a star to promote goodwill, to promote humanity. And that speaks more about him, that my words, ever will.

So dear ladies and gentlemen, here’s re-presenting, John Abrahm, the man with a gorgeous pack of abs and a rebel with a cause!

1. When he nursed a badly hurt pigeon to life. Because, real men feel empathy.


2. During elections, he always comes out to vote and does what he does best, inspire people to do the same.

Cast your vote..I cast mine!! #BMCElections2017

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3. When he inspired all his followers with stories of real people. Because people don’t follow what you preach, unless you lead by an example and John is a perfect one!


4. When John’s way of apologising to a co-star for eating all his lunch was this! Isn’t that super-cute?

Lunch for @varundvn since I had all his food !!! #Dishoom

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5. When he cleaned the doors of his office himself. Because there is nothing like a man who knows his roots!

Cleaning JA entertainment office doors this evening … OCD

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6. When he makes a lot of kids’s wishes come true. For those who don’t know, John’s mother works with an NGO and he always makes it a point to help people and kids as much as he can!

Made a friend on my tour

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7. Because he values people, the REAL people.

Real people…

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8. Because he treats animals like family and you know what, Bailey, this cute doggie has his own Insta account and is pawdorable!

My wknd 🙂 yes, I ate the couch. #daddyslittlegirl #relax #love #truestory

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9. Because he has always spoken about road safety and always makes sure that he wears seat-belts, helmets for a sound ride. Leading by example, again, here’s John!


10. And it goes without saying that John has always promoted healthy living. This shy macho has always spoken about the benefits of eating and living healthy. People like to look like him and that says enough!

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Dear John, the internet can’t thank you enough, for making us realise that we are the GOOD that the world needs. All of this starts with us. If we take efforts and do as little as we can, WE ALL can make this world a better place.

Also John, there is a question that has been bugging me lately, how are you so perfect? You are a wonderful son, a brilliant actor and a humanitarian we deserve. John, you are everything. We learn from you, everyday!

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