Joey And Dr. McDreamy Hung Out Together And We Don’t Mind Falling Sick!


I hate visiting the hospital, but if I get a chance to have Mc Dreamy and Dr. Drake Ramoray as my doctors, I am NOT complaining.

Well, you must be remembering Matt Le Blanc’s famous character in FRIENDS as Dr. Drake Ramoray, right?

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Joey’s portrayal as Dr. Drake Ramoray gave us intense feels and gave us another reason to love the show. Ramoray’s character was killed after falling from an elevator shaft, but he came back with a new brain.



In a parallel universe, Mc Dreamy was the most handsome neurosurgeon you could ever meet in Grey’s Anatomy.

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Apart from his love story with Meredith, he was the drool-worthy and the most amazing neurosurgeon you could ever ask for! (I had an intense crush on him)


Well, both the doctors hung out together and gave the world this picture perfect moment which they would cherish for life long!

Here, have a look:


Aren’t they just perfect?!

Well, let’s hope they hang out more often and cure people like they used to.

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