Laid Off From Work, 2 Friends From West Bengal Open Juice Stall & Name It ‘Jobless Juicewala’

The rising unemployment and companies sacking employees in huge numbers have forced the youth of today to come up with new ventures to sail their boat despite having more than average education. Earlier, a software engineer turned chaiwala because he wasn’t getting job satisfaction.

Now, two jobless men were forced to open up a juice stall to make ends meet. What got people talking was the quirky name for his shop.

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A month ago, the duo, Abhijit Guha and Apu Sarkar decided to open a juice shop at Ghordourchatti near Bardhaman Police Line, in Bardhaman city, West Bengal, after they were laid from the private organization in which they worked for the past fourteen years, reported News18.

Hence, to support their families, the two friends started a juice business and gave it the name ‘Jobless Juicewala’ which perfectly describes their current employment status.

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At their shop, the jobless businessmen sell everything from mojitos, masala sodas, and masala cold drinks to fruit juices that can quench people’s thirst that too at affordable prices. They also see a lot of customers every day who are often attracted by the unusual name of the shop.

Talking about their venture, Apu reportedly said, “Many companies have laid off in the recent past. For both of us, the company asked us to find new jobs. So, we started this business, as we don’t know when the next company will lay us off.”

To this, Abhijit added, “Our main aim is to get good feedback and enlarge our business. Getting viral is not our main motto.”

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When the going gets tough, one has to resort to different means to support themselves and their families. We hope their business flourishes.

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