People Discuss Alarming Red Flags They Noticed During Job Interviews

A while back, recruiters and HR personnel listed out the red flags they had observed during the interview process which prompted them to reject the candidate. The thread was quite informative as it detailed what a candidate must not do if they want to get hired. But what about the other side of the scale? Aren’t there red flags that would make the interviewee or employee of a company want to leave? Of course, there are and Redditors have discussed that as well.

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What’s a red flag that would put you off working for a company/boss? from AskReddit

#1. The first concern people flagged were certain phrases used in job listings and what they actually mean.

#2. Then there is the job description.

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#3. If something seems too good to be true then…

#4. Discussions relating to salary and compensation.

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#5. Work-life balance

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#6. Health measures

#7. Unprofessional interviewers

Have you ever declined a job offer because you spotted a red flag? Or resigned because of the work environment in the office?

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