Got Mithai Ka Keeda? This Company Will Pay You Just To Taste-test Candy & Chocolates

For all the ‘methai ka keedas’ and people having a major sweet tooth, it would have been a dream to eat candies all day long and get paid for it too, haina?

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Well, if you have ever imagined yourself doing this, then we have a piece of good news for you. Candy Funhouse, an Ontario-based candy company is looking for full-time and part-time candy and chocolate taste-testers, reported The Indian Express.

Also known as ‘Candyologists’, these candidates should have “enthusiasm and eagerness to try confectionery products.”

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In a blog post, the company mentioned that the people shortlisted will be offered $30 (Rs 2100 approx.) an hour to taste-test and review the company’s 3,000 candy and chocolate treats. Moreover, the “candidates will also play an integral role in selecting the candies that will be a part of the first-ever Candy Funhouse branded candy line. 10 new and original candy creations will be selected and narrowed down from 100’s of possible options.”

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Their responsibilities would be to taste samples objectively, consider aspects of taste, texture, and quality. If you have a high school diploma, have basic writing and good communication skills, are passionate about confectionary, are 18-years or older, are open to Canadian and US citizens, and can work (read eat candy) for 8 hours, then you can send your applications online till February 15, 2021.

Toh kya socha hai?

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