Get Paid ₹72 Lacs To Travel Around The World And Click Pictures. This Is A Real Job, No Joke!

We interrupt scheduled programming to bring you this public service announcement.

If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug and can click amazing pictures, you could get paid ~INR 72 Lakh a year. #BestJobEver

This is not a drill. We repeat; this is not a drill.

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This is a real job listing on Perfocal. For the uninitiated, Perfocal is a website which helps you find the right photographer in your budget. On 4 December 2018, they received this unique request.

Who exactly is paying this kind of money?

A rich family in the UK! The family in question wishes to remain anonymous until the position is filled. All we know is that the man of the house has a high profile job. And that they need someone to travel with them and take their family photos.

What’s the catch? Is everyone eligible?

The requirements of the job are: You love to travel (who doesn’t?) and you have 5 years of experience in lifestyle photography. As if the truckloads of money wasn’t enough, the role comes with perks! You get to visit Europe, America, South America and Australia. All the travel, food and accommodation expenses are covered (over and above the salary). There are visits to the Formula One Grand Prix, Rio De Janeiro Carnival, skiing in Val d’Isere and much more.

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There isn’t any catch per se but with a role like this, come certain demands. Applicants must be ready to fly at short notice and for up to 3 months at a time. The job opening is for a year with 30 days leave and full sick pay. You could be “working” for 10 hours a day. And will be put through a thorough background check and weekend long interviews (high profile family, remember?).

Tell me how to sign up

Fill in some basic requirements and upload your online portfolio here. That’s it. Easy Peasy. You’re welcome.