Lift At Jio World Centre Owned By The Ambanis Is As Big As A 1 BHK With Sofas & Fancy Lighting

If I ask “Where can you find the world’s largest elevator?”, you would probably think about places like South Korea, China, or the United States. But what if I told you the world’s largest passenger elevator is actually in India and in amchi Mumbai?

That’s right! The world’s largest passenger lift is located in Jio World Centre in Mumbai which is owned by the Ambanis. According to Business Today, it is a 16-tonne, 5-stop elevator, has a floor space of 25.78 sq. metres, and can carry the weight of more than 200 people at a time.

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For regular people like you and me, the lift is as large as a 1 BHK apartment. It even has spectacular roof lighting and two sofas for people to sit on!

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The luxurious lift is itself a surprise but it doesn’t seem as surprising when you hear that it’s for the Ambanis. I mean, if they can bring together Tom Holland, Gigi Hadid, Zendaya and Penelope Cruz to create their own ‘multiverse of madness’ during the NMACC opening, they are capable of anything!

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Sometimes, it is too overwhelming to see the kind of unfathomable wealth the Ambanis possess. For example, a guy named Sorab Bedi went to the Jio World Centre for a shoot and was taken aback when he entered the lift! His reaction is hilarious but if you and I would have been in his place, I’m sure we would have reacted in the same way!

Have a look:


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Ever since they watched the video, people online have been wishing for the job of a ‘lift wale bhaiya’ because even that would suffice in order to live a luxurious life! Have a look:

Meri bhi life set karwa do bhagwaan ji!

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