10 Things You Should Know About Jim Morrison, The Lizard King

18 songs of Jim Morrison that have a special place in our hearts.

The problem is that like me, as Door fans, you know these songs.

Jim Morrison, a highly intelligent and over-sensitive man, was a poet, filmmaker, songwriter and the front-man of the band ‘The Doors’. He had that combination of good looks, a great voice and body language. His voice was great undoubtedly but what made him ‘Jim Morrison’ was his philosophical lyrics which used to come naturally.

So, on the birthday of the King of Orgasmic Rock, I decided to put together interesting facts from his life. I didn’t quite make it to 18, but here are a few things about Jim Morrison, Doors fans might not have known before.

1. Early Life

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Being raised in a strict and disciplined military family, Morrison was a dutiful and respectful child who did extremely well at school. At the same time, he excelled at swimming and other outdoor sports. For a while, his parents hoped that he would follow his father into the Navy.


2. Witnessed death at 4

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He was 4 years old when he witnessed a deadly car accident involving a Native American family. Witnessing death at such an early age can actually explain a lot about his behaviour. Morrison referred this incident several times in interviews, poems and even in future Door songs like ‘Ghost Song’ and ‘Peace Frog’.


3. Had a genius level IQ of 149

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He was highly intelligent with an IQ of 149. He completed Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts Department of UCLA. Not just that, he also made 2 films in college, ‘First Love’, and ‘Obscura’.


4. Inspired by writings of Friedrich Nietzsche, Franz Kafka and others

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He had a passion for literature, religion, philosophy and psychology. He also explored faith, mysticism, ancient myth and symbolism, which shone through in his work.


5. The controversial Ed Sullivan show where he was banned from appearing

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When Jim was invited to Ed Sullivan’s Show, he had agreed to change the lyrics of ‘Light My Fire’ from “Girl we couldn’t get much higher” to “Girl we couldn’t get much better” to suit the audience. Morrison broke his promise and sang the original version of the song. After that, he and The Doors were banned from appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show ever again.


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6. Arrested while performing on stage

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In 1967, he became the first rock singer to get arrested on stage during the Connecticut concert. Morrison was found by a police officer with a girl in a shower stall before his performance. The show was delayed. Later during his performance he decided to recount the story to the audience. His version was laden with obscenities, that made the New Haven police to drag him to the local police station. Jim was booked on charges of indecency and public obscenity but was later released.


7. The Lizard King

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Morrison acquired a few nicknames over the years, including The Lizard King and Mr Mojo Risin’ after using the terms in his songs and poems.


8. Member of the infamous 27 Club

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The 27 Club is a group of prominent musicians that died at the age of 27, a few in the list include, Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain. Sadly, Jim Morrison joined the club when he passed away in a bathtub but the reason for his death is still a mystery. Some state he died of a heart failure while some claim he died of overdose of heroine. His death shocked the world and it was too soon for a talent so strong to leave this Earth, but his influence can still be felt today.


9. Morrison’s grave site

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His grave is still one of Paris’ most popular tourist attractions. On any given day masses of tourists surround his tombstone which has been covered with graffiti by his fans.


10. Inducted to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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Apart from that, he was ranked 47 on Rolling Stone’s list of ‘100 Greatest Singers of all Time’ and 22 on Classic Rock Magazine’s ’50 Greatest Singers in Rock’.

To this day, the Doors continue to sell millions of records, and their music will live on for years to come. His talent were many and his potential was within his grasp. All he had to do was find a way. 🙂

He will never die. Rock and roll will never die.

Happy Birthday, Jim. 🙂


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