Jim Carrey Sends A Not-So-Subtle ‘F**k You’ To Mark Zuckerberg, Netizens Are Loving It

Jim Carrey is one of the most influential actors of our time and has entertained generations of moviegoers with his comedic chops. In addition to that, Carrey has showcased his woke-ness through ‘Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind’, ‘Man on the Moon’, his latest TV show ‘Kidding’ and of course, ‘The Truman Show’.

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However, Carrey’s talents are not limited to the fields of acting and stand-up comedy. He’s an insanely good painter as well. And not just any painting. They’re paintings that are culturally relevant and important.

While most of us use our social media profiles to tweet random things, Jim Carrey uses his to take shots at the current U.S. government. Here are some of the recent examples:

Now, after taking Donald Trump to the cleaners, Jim Carrey went after Mark Zuckerberg for allegedly meddling with the 2016 U.S. elections.

Just to make it clear what he was talking about, Carrey attached a New York Times article, that detailed how Facebook has been trying to deflect the blame of propagating fake news before the elections and leaking user data.

However, what was Carrey’s message to Zuckerberg? Well, to the naked eye, it’s just ones and zeroes. But on a closer look, it translates to..


Netizens who noticed this were amused with Jim Carrey’s sense of humour and thanked him for sending this message to Mark Zuckerberg.

We are currently living in the era of political-correctness, where most of us are afraid to say the truth, as we don’t know how it’ll affect our personal and professional lives. And during these times, it’s great to have someone of Jim Carrey’s stature around, who’ll say it as it’s. Thank you, Jim for being you.

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