You Have Never Seen This Side Of Jim Carrey Before. It’s So Intense, My Creative Soul Cried.

They say that everything comes with a positive and a negative. And what you choose to see, makes you different from others.

Jim Carrey is one person who has always chosen to see the positive. And life handed him so many lemons, that anyone would have broken – but not Jim.

Growing-up, Jim Carrey was dyslexic kid, he had no friends. His family was dirt poor, he worked really hard to earn a living in a factory when he was 16. He discovered his talent of making people laugh when he was very young. And it changed his life.

But everything that went down his life, making people laugh…probably started as a coping mechanism.

Half of the time during his childhood, he would spend time entertaining people in his hall and the other half of the time, he would just sketch. It has been only 6 years that Jim has started to paint. And it has changed his life.

It has made him express things he couldn’t put in words. He realised that his own paintings were the answers to what he’d been longing for. It changed him inside out and made him achieve the kind of peace and tranquility he never knew existed.

And that’s all you need to see. It’s just a magical, beautiful journey of art healing a broken heart, mending a person who feels lost, and giving direction to someone who thought it’s the end. Go, watch it now!