Couples Flock To Jharkhand’s Durga Temple Seeking Daughters In A Heartwarming Tradition


Several places of worship have previously paved the way through their unique and progressive practices. For instance, a Surat temple switched to solar power and used the money saved to start a Sanskrit college, or how another temple fed gallons of milk offered by devotees to hungry dogs.

As per a report in TOI, a 170-year old Durga temple in Jharkhand’s remote Chakulia village is home to a heartwarming practice. Several expecting couples, even from faraway places, are known to make the journey to this temple in Chas block in order to seek blessings for a girl child for themselves. The temple has increasingly gained an immense level of pride and faith amongst the residents, as the village elders claim that hundreds of devotees have been granted their wishes for a daughter.

The Durga temple in Bokaro.
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Talking about the village folklore, a local resident named Suryakant Singh says, “Kalicharan Dubey, was the first to pray for a daughter here more than a hundred years ago, a wish which was fulfilled. Since then, many devotees have come wishing for a daughter. Dubey’s descendants still offer prayers to the deity regularly.”

The Telegraph reports that a traditional Durga Puja is performed and celebrated each year. It begins with ghatsthapana, which is a ritual where prayers are offered to a 150-year-old Kalash or copper pot at the temple.

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The temple priest Manohar Dubey explained, “The number of devotees is increasing. People come from far-flung areas with a wish to have daughters and offer prayers to the goddess. A grand statue of the Siddhidatri goddess Durga has been installed at the temple. The tradition continues for more than 100 years.”

Manoj Kumar, a villager said, “Every year, several couples come here seeking a daughter. Many of them had their wish granted by the Devi and all the villagers perform Durga puja here with devotion and dedication.” Another local added, “Even though devotees visit the temple through the year, footfall surges during Navratra as hundreds offer prayers to a grand statue of Siddhidatri Durga seeking a daughter.”

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Several villagers shared their personal experiences. A resident, Katayani Devi, said she had named her daughter Bhawani after the goddess. She continued, “Like me, several people, even pregnant women who wish to have daughters, come here to take the blessings of the goddess. I treat my daughter as a blessed child.”

Another devotee, Suryakant Singh, said, “We had a son, but felt that the family was incomplete without a daughter. After offering prayers here, we were blessed with a baby girl a few years ago. My family has been visiting this temple every year during Durga puja to bow before the goddess.”

In a world where ghastly reports of female foeticide exist, this block stands right in contrast to it. What do you think? Tell us!

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