Flight Gets Delayed Because Of Weather Problems, Man Tweets To Modi Saying It’s Hijacked!

There is a dire need of education on how to Tweet and post on Facebook. Just because we have a Twitter account, doesn’t mean that we can tweet anything. Even though most of our tweets are protected by the freedom of expression, we can’t just tweet something just because we ‘think it’.

That’s what Nitin, a Jet Airways passenger, did. His Delhi-bound flight was delayed and diverted to Jaipur because of bad weather in Delhi. After 3 hours of waiting, he tweeted this gem –


He tweeted to India’s PM Narendra Modi that the flight had been hijacked because it was delayed by 3 hours. He could have just asked the flight attendants, but no.


Obviously, Indian security authorities took the tweet seriously and went on full alert at the Jaipur airport. Because as per Standard Operating Procedures, Jet Airways did alert the authorities after reading the tweet. They did try to educate Nitin about the delay –

And people are NOT impressed with Nitin’s alertness –


1. People are suggesting that he should be arrested for causing fake panic


2. Another one called for his arrest.


3. Some even suggested that he is illiterate.


4. But people were not amused at all.

His irresponsible tweet caused panic among his passengers and the security forces. It’s like ‘crying wolf’. The day a real hijack happens, the security forces might not respond right away because of such incidents.

He should be booked for causing an unnecessary panic. Period.

Source – NDTV

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