90 Cases Of Jellyfish Stings Reported Across Beaches Of Goa, Advisory Issued

The beaches of Goa are open again and apart from social distancing measures, beachgoers have also been asked to remain vigilant of barrel jellyfish. These jellyfish aren’t toxic but can sting which requires immediate first aid.

Hindustan Times quoted lifeguarding agency Drishti Marine saying in a statement, “Over the past two days, the Baga-Calangute beach belt witnessed over 55 cases while the Candolim to Sinquerim beach stretch saw 10 cases. South Goa reported over 25 cases of jellyfish related accidents requiring immediate first aid.”

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They added, “In one particular incident which occurred in Baga, a male who went parasailing developed chest pain and experienced breathing difficulty after being stung by a jellyfish. As he was short of breath, oxygen was administered while an ambulance was called for and the victim was rushed to the hospital.”

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According to Bangalore Mirror, jellyfish stings can cause mild irritation. The advisory for beachgoers says,

“If stung by a jellyfish inform the nearest lifesaver or approach the lifesaver tower. Wash the stung area with hot water (as hot as you can stand it) as heat further breaks down the toxins. Generously spray the stung area with vinegar. It is known to diffuse any poison that may be more active in the nematocysts present in the tentacles.”

Stay alert, stay safe!

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