Woman Points Out How Jeff Goldblum, Indraneil Sengupta & Priyanshu Chatterjee Look The Same

Have you ever noticed how Jeff Goldblum, Indraneil Sengupta, and Priyanshu Chatterjee basically look like they’re the same person leading a double (or triple) life? It’s as if God got lazy and decided to use the same template three times!

This was pointed out by a woman on X who shared pictures of the three actors and asked if others saw the similarity too. And they did!

Not just the three of them. Turns out, Jeff Goldblum looks a lot like Shaan too! Basically, Jeff Goldblum could have been born as a Bengali man. 😛

Imagine the three of them at a party and a tipsy person comes across all of them one at a time. They’d have such a hard time figuring out who is who! 😀

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