Here’s Why Jeff Bezos Showed Up At Work Wearing Pajamas For A Board Meeting

Most diseases like the common cold have telltale signs that prompt us to go to the doctor. But most life-threatening diseases don’t show such indications until its too late. That’s why the only option is to raise awareness about it and urge people to help those in need. No Shave November and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge are some of the best examples. And now Jeff Bezos has come up with a campaign of his own to shed some light on childhood cancer.

Jeff Bezos attended a company board meeting on Wednesday in his pajamas. And no, it’s not because he doesn’t have enough formal clothes. According to his Instagram post, it’s to raise awareness about childhood cancer.

You can read Jeff Bezos’ entire Instagram post here:

“Why am I wearing pajamas to an Amazon board meeting? September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and each year Amazon partners with @ACCOrg to raise awareness of childhood cancer – second leading cause of death for kids in the U.S. between ages 4 and 14. Today, Amazonians across the globe show their support by wearing their pajamas to work – also known as #PJammin. Another way we’re raising awareness is through our special #GoGold boxes – you may receive one during September. Never have I been more comfortable at an Amazon board meeting!”

As mentioned by Jeff, people from around the world were showing up in their pajamas to work to stand in solidarity with kids who spend months and years in their pajamas while receiving medical treatment for cancer.

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5. Support from Japan.

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10. With support like this, those kids will kick cancer’s butt.

According to reports, Amazon has started a specially branded Prime Air jet and made charitable donations to two institutions to support the cause of spreading awareness regarding childhood cancer. And that’s not all. USA Today has reported that Bezos has made a donation of $2 billion to build preschools for children and help homeless people. So, a big thumbs to him for using his time and money to help those in need and making sure that they’ve a future.