The Accused In Jasleen Kaur Case Has Finally Spoken Up And His Story Has A New Twist

A 20-year-old girl, Jasleen Kaur filed a report against a man yesterday for passing lewd comments at her and then threatening to harm her if she filed a complaint. The incident soon caught velocity and people were giving their opinions on how legit her stand was. Some people even went ahead and found the guy and posted a link to his Facebook profile.

Later in the day, as per a news report by ANI, the guy was identified as the 26 year old Saravjit Singh by the Tilak Nagar police and was booked under Sections 354A (punishment for sexual harassment) and 509 (word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman) of IPC.

The girl was appreciated for her bravery by many including Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. It was even announced that she will be given Rs. 5000 as a reward for her act of bravery.

However, after further questioning, the story took a different turn altogether. The accused Saravjit Singh’s mother said that the accusations filed against her son were not true. She said that the girl is actually an Aam Aadmi Party member who had an argument with him at the traffic signal. She commented that the girl is doing all this for publicity.

Soon people started questioning the other side of the story. The chances of the girl’s connections with the AAP increased her chances of doing it for the sake of publicity increased in people’s mind.

The accused later gave his statement to the media saying that he was on the traffic signal at Tilak Nagar and had to take a left so he was standing towards the left. The girl who was managing traffic at the square had an argument with him and then later clicked his picture.

While social media roared over the issue, Saravjit had this to say:

People soon started taking sides and photos of Jasleen with Arvind Kejriwal were dug up and circulated:

While news channels rushed to take opinions from Saravjit and his mother, victim Jasleen’s father also participated and gave a stern reply to Jasleen’s chances of being associated with AAP or doing it for publicity by passing this comment:

Amidst all the chaos that happened over the issue a few things got pretty clear:

– After the incident like the Rohtak girls, people have started doubting the legitimacy of eve-teasing cases. It is not a very positive shift in mentality because as such very few cases of eve-teasing and sexual harassment are filed by girls.

– When it comes to the common man, everyone is sympathetic (as seen in the given case of Jasleen and Saravjit), however, as soon as the news of her political association comes into the knowledge, people’s perspective changes. This shows how much do we trust the system and how gullible people are.

With such comments pouring in from all sides, we still don’t know which side was speaking the truth. For further developments in the case, we will keep you updated.