Japan Ambassador Eats Golgappa & Banarasi Thali In Varanasi, Gives Indian Food A Thumbs Up

It’s hard to deny that Indian food is the best in the world. At every couple of kilometers in the country, you will find a dish unique to the area which is equally delicious.

Hence, whenever someone from another country comes to India, they don’t miss on the opportunity to try to eat whatever Indian food their stomachs can digest.

Earlier, British High Commissioner went to the streets of Mumbai to relish street food.

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Now, Japan’s Ambassador to India Hiroshi Suzuki was seen gorging on golgappas and chaat in Varanasi. In a video he posted online, Suzuki was seen eating the famous Indian panipuris in Varanasi. He also hogged on a plate of aloo tikki chaat.

Looking at the smile on his face and his expressions, we can say that he liked them way too much. “Very tasty,” he exclaimed.

Suzuki shared that he wanted to eat golgappa since he saw PM Modi and the PM of Japan Kishida having golgappa and chai at Buddha Jayanti Park in Delhi.

In the following tweet, he also divulged that after having the snacks, he also enjoyed a pure Banarasi Thali after seeing mystic night Ganga Aarti.

People were delighted to see that the Ambassador tried Indian cuisine and loved it too. Some even suggested he eat other famous Indian delicacies.

Even U.S. Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti halted at Kyani & Co. in Mumbai to try their bun maska and chai.

When it comes to mouth-watering street food, no one can beat us. Indian food winning global hearts and how!

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