Japanese Woman Travelling Solo In India Groped, Assaulted & Egged By Men On Holi In Delhi

Trigger warning: This content is disturbing and may be traumatizing. Reader discretion is advised.

Call me a feminist, an aggressive person, but I tend to lose all my calm when I see people losing their humanity and harassing, molesting, and attacking not just other humans but animals too.

We just celebrated Holi and everyone seems to be enjoying the merriment but then there are always a couple of people who annoy the hell out of us by doing some acts that make us turn red with anger.

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Several foreigners are residing in India at the moment. But, not everyone crosses paths with the good samaritans who respect and protect them. A Japanese woman recently got to know that even India houses some cruel harassers and the country isn’t safe for them after all.

A shameful video has surfaced online that shows how a group of men groped, physically harassed, spanked, threw eggs and smeared colours on the woman and threw eggs at her while chanting ‘Holi hai’.

These men probably thought they could do this to her because the 22-year-old woman was a foreigner and didn’t have any man ‘protecting’ her. The video showcases how scary it is to be a woman travelling solo in India and how Holi is unsafe for women in many places.

Reports suggest that the woman first tweeted the horrifying video but later deleted it. The video that has now gone viral irked people online.

Japanese girl gets physically harassed, egged and grabbed by locals during Holi celebrations in India from PublicFreakout

Several people said such men use the festival as an excuse to grope and harass women in general.

People on Reddit were also furious.

Bollywood actor Richa Chadha called for the arrest of these guys.

According to a Twitter account, the solo Japanese artist has been living in India and wanted to experience Holi. But some annoying men from Pahar Ganj, New Delhi made it a horrifying incident, scarring her for life.

Ironically, this happened on the day when the world celebrated International Woman’s Day. Moreover, it is not an isolated incident that came to light online. I’m sure there have been several women who were molested like this in the name of merrymaking during the festivals. And not just women, even animals are treated with cruelty by such hooligans. I have lost all faith in humanity.

What do you think should be done to stop this nonsense?

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