Marathi Warning On Japanese Whiskey ‘Kami Taka’ Triggers Hilarious Memes Online!

Note: This post is going to be of extra value to the Marathis. However, we advise everyone to go through it, simply because, it is fun.

A picture of a Japanese whiskey brand is going viral on the internet because of its name. It was shared on Twitter by a user going by the name of Anjali Jain and has been trending ever since.

Here is why.

The blended whiskey brand has the name ‘Kami Taka’ and is excessively strong with 40.3% alcohol by volume. Interestingly, the word ‘Kami Taka’ means ‘put less’ in Marathi. Get the catch?

I am sure you did.

But no. They are Japanese and they do not know Marathi. ‘Kami Taka’ actually means ‘God Hawk’ and the Marathi connection is a pure coincidence!

Needless to say, the picture collected a plethora of responses and they are hilarious to the core.

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However, we suggest you follow the warning anyway. 😛

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