Japan Fans Show The World How To Celebrate FIFA WC Match Win In A Disciplined Manner

After cricket, the FIFA World Cup 2022 kick-started on November 20. When the football teams of Qatar vs. Ecuador knocked horns during the opening match, the spectators left the stadium in a mess. Looking at the garbage around, Japanese fans took it upon themselves and cleaned the entire stadium manually.

People online praised Japanese people saying that they’re the most well-behaved and disciplined people in the world.

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Well, people are again lauding them for celebrating the win over Germany in the most civilized manner. In a video that has now gone viral, the people of Japan are seen coming down to the streets in Shibuya, Tokyo to celebrate the victory of their home team at the world cup.

They are not just randomly running across the streets disrupting the normal life of others around. The football fans were involved in the merriment only when the streetlights went red, and all the vehicles stopped at the crossing.

The moment the traffic sign turned green, everyone ran back to the sidewalks and the other side of the crossing and cleared the roads for vehicles to ply comfortably.

Take a look at the viral video:

This reflects so much about the people and the culture of Japan. They are definitely worth all the praise they have been receiving online for being so sensible and disciplined.

There are so many people testifying that Japan is an amazing country to live in. I would love to explore it one day.

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