Japanese Billionaire Promises To Give ₹6 Crore For Following And Retweeting Him On Twitter

How many times have you watched Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Deewar’? 10 times? 20 times? And even if you haven’t watched it, you might be familiar with his iconic dialogue.

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Now, in theory, people will agree with this notion of not taking free money that’s being thrown away without any respect. However, in reality, only a select few will show restraint, while others will rush to get some moolah.

Yesterday, Japanese billionaire and future SpaceX lunar orbit tourist, Yusaku Maezawa’s tweet got over 5 million retweets. Why? Because he was offering free cash.

The rough translation of this tweet is:

“Zozotown Spring Sale is the fastest in history and topped 10 billion yen!! With a daily appreciation, I will give 100 million yen (total of gifts million yen) in cash. The only way to apply is to follow me and RT this tweet. The reception is up to 1/7. I will DM the winner!”

As of now, the tweet has received over 5.6 million retweets and over 1.5 million likes to claim a prize of 100 million Japanese yen (around Rs. 6 crore). The previous holder of the title of “most number of retweets was held by Carter Wilkerson, who wanted to have Wendy’s chicken nuggets.

While there are literally millions of responses, here are some of the reactions to Maezawa’s tweet:



After the deadline came to an end, Maezawa tweeted out that he has DM’d the winners and even set up a sequel to this lucky draw.

“I finished sending DM to 100 winners. I am deeply impressed and grateful to all of you for your wonderful dream and Rt. Because it was too popular, I would like to do the second one 、、、 before that eh!? Eh!?”

In case you’re looking to get lucky after reading this, keep your eyes peeled for Maezawa’s tweets. But in case you have a time-travel device, you can try to go back to the 7th of January and change the present as we know it.

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