‘Baby Map’ By Japan Airlines Lets Fliers Avoid Crying Babies On Flights

All of us have different pet peeves – not putting the phone on silent mode during a movie, slow internet, people calling instead of texting, unnecessary abbreviations, too many hashtags on social media posts and sometimes crying babies on flights.

According to BBC News, Japan Airlines has taken note of that last one and now displays an “infant’s seat icon” for kids below 2 years of age on their website.  When someone is booking a flight and selecting their seat, it “lets other passengers know a child may be sitting there”.

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This gives passengers the option to choose a seat away from a child. However, HuffPost reveals that the icon appears only for seats booked on the website as opposed to third-party sites.

The move has pleased some travellers who are in favour of adult-only flights while others maintain that fliers should be more tolerant towards babies and empathetic towards their parents. Overall, the ‘baby map’ has garnered mixed reactions on Twitter.

Do you agree with netizens that believe other airlines should also introduce the “child icon” for those who wish to avoid babies on flights? Or do you think earphones and headphones ought to be enough? Tell us.

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