Janhvi Kapoor Says Maths Makes People ‘Retarded’ But History Makes Them ‘Cultured’, Desis React

Maths and History – these two are mostly the only subjects that students find difficult to love when they are in school. Many would argue that the kind of mathematics we were taught in school has little to no use in our everyday lives, so why learn it in the first place?

However, actor Janhvi Kapoor took this argument up a notch and claimed that maths makes people “retarded”, whereas subjects like literature and history make one a “cultured human”.


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“I only cared about history and literature, which I did really well in. I don’t understand the point. Aaj tak maine Algebra ka istemaal kiya hi nahi hai toh itna kyu maine sar toda? Like… what was the point? History and literature, on the other hand… it makes you a cultured human. Maths just makes you retarded,” she said.

Here’s a snippet from the interview which is making rounds on the internet:


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However, her statement didn’t go down well with many people online, who responded to her with either jokes (mostly) or condemnation. Here’s what some of them said:

What are your views on Janhvi’s statement?

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