IPS Officer Complains His Wife Doesn’t Let Him Eat Jalebis, She Responds With A Threat

Hilarious banter and pranks between a couple has often made news for being extremely relatable. Just like when a wife took creative revenge from her husband for photo bombing her yoga class shirtless. Then there was a sweet wife who tried to kiss her husband during his zoom meeting.

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This is precisely why IPS officer Dr Sandeep Mittal’s post about jalebis struck a chord with many of us. It all began when Dr Sandeep Mittal tweeted of his love for jalebis and indicated that it has been a life-long affair.

Take a look at his post-

Dr Mittal wrote, “During my childhood days, jalebis were sold for 25 paise each. I used to think that I will eat 3-4 jalebis every day once I grow up and start earning. Now, I earn for myself but my wife doesn’t let me eat jalebis.”

Dr Mittal apparently dreamed of buying several jalebis once he was older. However, while he now earns for himself, his wife seemingly doesn’t approve of him gorging on jalebis, much to his disappointment. Well, our partners closely monitoring our cravings and food habits is something most of us can relate to.

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Nevertheless, the cherry on the cake was when his better half took to twitter to respond to his sentiment with all the sass we commonly associate with desi women. Dr Richa Mittal responded, saying, “You come home today”

Here’s how people online reacted to their adorable exchange.

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