Jalandhar Teenager Steals ₹50,000 From Father, Uses It To Buy Items on PUBG


Winner winner chicken dinner. The adrenaline rush of battle and seeing this line flash across the screen after a win has us all hooked to the online multiplayer game PUBG. So much so that it has become an addiction in a few among us. A young man in Madhya Pradesh was so deeply engrossed in the game that he drank acid thinking it was water. Another Mumbai resident committed suicide because his parents wouldn’t buy him an expensive smartphone to play PUBG.

Now, a case from Jalandhar has come to light where a 15-year-old class X student stole Rs.50,000 from his father to buy a PUBG game controller, skins and weapons.

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The father, who is a mechanic in the city, lodged a police complaint in January stating that money had been stolen from his bank account. He hadn’t even received OTP messages for the transactions.

The cyber cell carried out an investigation and found the culprit.

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Cyber cell in charge Monica Arora told Hindustan Times that,


“We found that money from the complainant’s account had been transferred to a Paytm account and used to purchase PUBG items through various transactions. He (the son) used to delete all transaction messages from the mobile phone to ensure his father didn’t come to know about it.”

The son used to take his father’s phone at night and transfer money to a friend’s Paytm account. Then he deleted all notifications from the bank to avoid getting caught.

The father has now withdrawn his complaint. But the matter has once again shown the harmful and negative effects the game is having on young minds. If you too like to play PUBG, please do so in moderation. Don’t let it take over your life and push you into making the wrong decisions.

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