Indian Officials At Rio Provided No Water For Marathon Runner Jaisha, Who Fainted At Finish Line

India’s national record holder in marathon O P Jaisha’s Rio timing was 2 hours 47 minutes.

Her timing for the same event in Beijing Worlds last year was 2 hours 34 minutes.

Why such a big change in timings?

Because Indian Officials didn’t give a crap about her run. But how is it an official’s fault? How can the officials help her win?

Marathon runners who run for 42 kilometers need water to keep hydrating. For this purpose, Olympic officials set up water stations at every 2.5 kilometers.

It is at these stations, officials from the respective countries provide water, sponges, glucose biscuits, and energy gels to the runners

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The water hydrates the runners while glucose biscuits and energy gels give them fuel to keep running.


At every 2.5 kms, other countries were giving their runners all these things while our Indian desks were empty with just the flag and the country’s name on it

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Ideally, our Indian officials should have been sitting in the desks waiting for their runner and then giving Jaisha water and glucose biscuits when she runs by.


OP Jaisha had to drink water at every 8 kilometers because of this, that too was provided by the Rio Olympic officials, and not the Indian counterparts

“I don’t know how I managed to finish without getting enough water to drink”


And as a result of dehydration, she collapsed at the finish line, regaining consciousness after 3 HOURS.

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It is uncommon for experienced marathon runners to collapse unconscious after marathons.


Even after she fainted, it was Rio’s officials who came to help. India’s official team doctor was nowhere to be seen

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She was injected with seven bottles of glucose to help her recover.


According to IAAF rules, every country has to set up four refreshment points, apart from the official points. Also, athletes from one country CANNOT take refreshments from another country.

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If any athlete does accept refreshments from another country’s official, it can lead to a warning and then a disqualification.

Our officials were recently in the news for taking more selfies and enjoying tourist spots rather than caring for the well-being of our athletes.

For example, Dutee Chand had complained of traveling in economy class while the officials traveled in business class.

The stars of the Olympics are its athletes. After all, it is they who bring accolades and glory to our country. It is they who should be pampered and cared so that they perform well, and stay in positive mental spirit.

We hope the Indian Olympic Committee takes notice and takes care of our athletes better in the future events.

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News Source – The Times Of India