Gunda Raj: Man Kidnaps, Hurls Abuses, And Brutally Beats Up A Boy For Making A MEME!

Disclaimer: Graphic content. Contains abusive language. 

There is no better way to put it and there is no point in beating around the bush, here. This grave act of monstrosity has to be put forth as it is.

A man identified as Deepak Sharma from Jaipur kidnapped and brutally beat-up a young boy for, hear this, making a MEME! To all those, who need a moment to breathe and gulp that piece of information, this is your cue.


Deepak Sharma sends a message to all the meme makers, by beating up a YOUNG BOY on camera. Yes, he posted a live video on Facebook and warned all who make fun of “his religion”.

The self-proclaimed protector of religion, advocate of how people should behave, and a guy who eats abusive words for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Deepak Sharma has a social media following of 30,000.


This video alone, has gained more than 26k reactions, 9K shares and more than 13K comments. And honestly, this guy’s audacity and words don’t scare me, but the fact that JUST ANYONE can openly bully people for making something as simple as a meme, sends chills down my spine.


As soon as the video spread like wildfire on the internet, Twitter got united and countless people tried to bring the shameful incident to light by tagging Jaipur police.


Storypick reached out to Jaipur police to inquire about the well-being of the kid & action taken to nab the fanatic. They said,

“We have noticed the incident, And are taking action.”

We repeatedly tried to ask about the well-being of the kid, but there hasn’t been any response from Jaipur police. Also, they didn’t elaborate what ‘action’ has been taken or planned.


You can watch the heart-wrenching video here.


Unfortunately, this is not the first time we have noticed this goon. The video where he boasts about his education and abuses everyone who is trying to earn a decent living, went viral on FB only a few days back.

He tried to boast about his degrees from many institutes and crapped all over with his applaud-worthy English speaking skills.

If this is the trailer of the progressive society we talk about, then no, I don’t want one.

The least we want, now that it’s the 21st century is, our freedom of expression. We hope Jaipur police captures the evil man and punishes him for his barbaric actions!