13 YO Jaipur Boy Buys Scooter As Diwali Gift For Sister With Whole Amount In COINS!

There are so many people in our country who live a hand-to-mouth existence, and who have to save every last penny towards realising even their smallest dream.

This brother’s Diwali wish for his sister was quite big enough for someone his age. This is the heartwarming story of how he managed to make it come true, albeit with a twist!

On October 19th, the day of Diwali, a 13-year-old boy walked in to an automobile showroom with his sister—they wanted to buy a scooter.

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The showroom executives were wrapping up for the day when the boy called Yash entered in and asked to purchase the scooter, for which he would pay in full with cash.

Now what’s so news-worthy about this you ask?

The showroom employees were shocked when the brother and sister revealed that they would be paying the entire amount—Rs. 62,000—in coins!

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The sibling duo were not kidding! They had indeed brought with them two bags full of coins with them.

When asked how they’d managed to amass that big an amount in coins alone, they explained how they had saved for this for years, according to TOI. The brother, Yash, said,

“We saved the amount from our pocket money which we usually get in coins. Even when we get it in the form of currency notes, we exchanged it for coins.”

While the showroom employees were initially reluctant to acquiesce to the request, the siblings managed to convince them at last!

How could they say no to such effort and dedication shown by two kids?

If you’re curious to know, counting all those coins took two long, tiresome hours! The showroom dealer, Santosh Kumar, said this wasn’t the first time a customer was paying in coins.

“We see a lot of customers who come with coins to pay a part of the total amount of the vehicles. But it was a special case where both of them paid entire amount in coins.”

There’s so much to learn and takeaway from this little incident. But we won’t get all preachy, promise!

Saving up for even for a cycle is no child’s play, more so when you’re doing it from your pocket money IN COINS! So kudos to these two kiddos, and congratulations for buying your first vehicle with your own money!

And a suggestion to the showroom: it’s time to invest in a coin-counting machine, folks!

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