Jacqueline’s Flexibility Seen In This Jaw-Dropping Split Can Make Even Baba Ramdev Go Woah!

It’s all about the fitness these days, boys and girls. If you ain’t hitting the gym every day and posting athleisure OOTD pictures, what are you even doing bruh? Having made that statement, I think I owe it to my fellow couch potatoes, to make it clear that I have never stepped foot inside a gym in my life. Instead, I scroll through Instagram drooling at fitness bloggers, social media influencers, actors and actresses posting their daily share of fitness content. You never know, when the motivation might hit, okay! Sigh.

Anyhow, during today’s Insta stroll, I came across one of my regulars. Bollywood’s resident giggle chief, Jacqueline Fernandez.

Yoda.. in his good looking days.. 😭

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Despite her happy-go-lucky nature, it’s no secret that this Sri Lankan beauty is dead serious about getting those workouts in.

Remember her yoga pose on a pole? Yup, this ray of sunshine can twist like a jalebi, and you need only look at her Instagram posts for proof. Exhibit A:

Did you hear that? That was the sound of my jaw dropping. Yeah, I’m just going to leave it there. Because Exhibit B for my case is from yesterday and it beats this one by a mile.

Jacqueline shared a video of her performing a vertical split and truth be told, I didn’t know human bodies could even bend that way.

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That’s almost a perfectly straight line, people!

M’lords, I present to you, Exhibit B:

*Rubs eyes in disbelief*

If that’s not a perfect split, I don’t know what is! And would you just look at her smiling through the entire thing?! I mean, how???

Yeah, I’m going to get off my couch now, put on my workout clothes (which I’ve conveniently been lounging in), and go for a run, right now. It seems like it might rain though. Yeah, definitely cloudy. Maybe I should just get some more inspiration from Instagram for today, right? Right?