Jackie Shroff Gives Classic Answer On The Importance Of Planting Trees In Old Interview

Hearing Jackie Shroff speak and impart words of wisdom is a blessing in itself. Whether you are having a bad day at work or you got your heart broken by your partner, just go to YouTube and search for his interviews. I can guarantee that you’ll come out on the other side a happier person.

Here’s a classic example. In the past, Jackie Shroff went on a tree plantation drive in Maharashtra, reported Indian Express. He was asked by interviewers about his opinion on the importance of planting trees. To this, he gave a hilarious yet sensible response in his typical Bambaiyaa accent.

“Jhaar lagane ka koi upkar nahi kiya hai maine Hindustan pe na duniya pe. Sabka kaam hai lagane ka, lagao. Nahi lagane ka toh maro jal ke. Wohi hone wala hai. Apun ko apne bachche ke bachcho ka sochna hai na? Apun toh adha qabar mein hai. Baki bhi toh ayenge…apne pille. Mere Tiger ka bhi ek chota Tiger ayega. Sabke Tiger ghar pe hai. Toh unke liye apun ko chorne ka jhaar, paan, khana sahi, paani sahi, hawa sahi. Baki logon ke dimaag mein zeher aise hi kam ho jayega yeh sab kam ho gaya toh,” he said.

His rant roughly translates to:

“By planting trees, I haven’t done anything huge for the country and the world. It’s everyone’s responsibility to plant trees, do it. Otherwise, go and die soon. It is going to happen. I have to think about my kids and their kids because I’ve already completed half my life. My Tiger will have another Tiger. Everyone will welcome a Tiger in their homes. So, for them, we have to leave proper food and water. People’s health will get better if all these are better.”

Have a look at the video here:

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Several fans online couldn’t get over his quirky response and how funny this video actually is. Here’s a look at what some of them said:

This is what legends look like! 😛

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