Jackie Shroff Speaks Of How He Lied To His School Girlfriend & Asked His Mother To Help


They say honesty can make or break any relationship. But sometimes, we lie to our partners for various reasons like avoiding conflict, fear of judgement/rejection or because we’re embarrassed to admit the truth. It happens to the best of us, Jaggu Dada included.

According to Hindustan Times, actor Jackie Shroff recently recalled his struggling days when he used to live in a chawl in Teen Batti area, Mumbai, on a popular TV show. In doing so, he also revealed how he lied to his well-to-do girlfriend at the time. He was quoted saying,

“Once the girl demanded that she wanted to come home and meet my mother. I lied to her saying that I don’t stay with my mother, instead told her that I stay alone in a PG and convinced my mother to go out of the house for some time. My mother supported me and stayed out for 30 minutes.”

Eventually, he did tell her that he lived in a small house with his joint family. Before entering Bollywood, he was a travel agent. The Times of India quoted him adding that someone came up to him at a bus stop once and offered payment in return for his photographs clicked as a model. And that is how his career took off.

Archana Puran Singh, who was also part of the show revealed, “I have known Jackie from his struggle days. Those days we were not well-off but still, whenever Jackie used to see beggars, he used to ask me for money and give it to those who were in need.”

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Did you know about this side of the ‘Sultan of Swag’? We sure didn’t!

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