Jackie Shroff Just Gave The Best Opinion On The Whole Aamir Khan Intolerance Debate

Jackie Shroff just pulled off a Lebowski.

Before we get into what’s a Lebowski, here’s what he did: he just gave probably the best opinion on Aamir Khan’s ‘moving out of the country’ controversy.

“If some people object to something, it’s their wish. But, I feel that one should be able to express bindaas

And guess what, people loved his bindaas attitude


And it only reminds me of the bindaas attitude of “The Dude”, (played by Jeff Bridges) from the movie The Big Lebowski


It’s another way of saying, “Yeah, well..if some people object to something, that’s just, like..their wish, man. Chill.” 🙂

Jaggu Dada, we always knew you’re the “Dude”, but today you proved it.

We will be bindass, cheers!