10 Reasons That Prove Jackie Shroff Was, Is And Always Will Be The ‘Bhidu’ Of Bollywood!

Jackie Shroff aka Jaikishan Kakubhai Shroff is a Bollywood superstar who is known for his rugged looks and individualistic style. He’s the ultimate ‘Hero’ of Bollywood and extremely hit and popular among the ladies. He oozed..errr.. oozes deviant charm and ladies go all ‘haaye rama’ over him.

Here are ten reasons why Jaggu dada aka Jackie Shroff is the ultimate bhidu of B-Town.

1. He is 60 by age but 16 at heart.


2. No doubt, girls went weak in the knees for him.

The original #Hero! Here's wishing Bollywood's coolest star #JackieShroff, a very #HappyBirthday

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3. He puts all in ‘Gardish’ in a good way with his bad boy charm.


4. Tight-fitted jeans, loose shirt and a ‘rumaal’ around his neck- that’s Jackie for you guys.


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5. But nuff about his looks. He’s also known for his candidness on-screen and off it, too.

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6. And, he is a people’s person. He cares a lot about others. His philanthropic side comes naturally to him.



7. He is a great cook and loves to make people happy with food.


8. He cares about the environment, too. And has a fun way of urging people to do that.

Jhaad daba ke laga bhidus. World environment day

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9. He’s a firebrand and only one percent of it comes out in his interviews.



10. His total bindass attitude toward life is inspiring in a certain way.


Our ‘bhidu’ is also known for his hospitality and is his cheerfulness. Apun Ka Bhidu is bole toh, ekdum mast!