Adorable Doggo Saves Owner After He Falls Into A Ditch, Brings The Cops To Him!

They say a dog is the only creature on earth who loves his master more than he loves himself and in the case of Pat Brennan, he proves to be his saviour too. His one-year-old pup Jack who’s now regarded as the ‘rescue puppy’ saved his injured master’s life by leading the police and the rescue team to him.

As reported by NDTV, Brennan (62), a native of Ireland took his dog, Jack for his routine night walk on Monday but incidentally stumbled and fell into a deep, dark ditch. He might never have been found if his puppy had decided to run away after his master went missing.

“I’ve had a stroke in the past so my balance isn’t great, and I ended up falling sideways down the bank and out of view. I knew there was no way I could get out, and I also feared that Jack might just run off because he’s only a pup,” Brennan said.

But this one-year-old pup decided to stay by his master’s side while he dialled the emergency services from his cell phone.

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“When you ring the emergency services you get through to a central control station, probably in Dublin. You don’t get through to anyone locally. So I had to tell them I was somewhere on the bog road in Portarlington, and they had to pass the message on to the local gardaí.”

The local police service went out in search of Brennan but the darkness outside was making the task worse. It is when Jack took the police to the spot where Brennan was.

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“They were able to come to my aid because they spotted Jack whimpering on the road, and they called an ambulance to check me over,” Brennan said.

If it was not for the dog, the rescue team would have failed to locate Brennan which might have led to deadly consequences.

In this case, the man’s saviour came with fur and four legs!