NZ PM Jacinda Ardern Hugging Victim’s Families In Christchurch Earns Her Massive Respect Worldwide

The horrific mass shooting episode that took place at two mosques in New Zealand’s Christchurch on Friday afternoon, has rocked the country to the core. The ghastly act of terror resulted in the death of 50 people, while another 50 were severely injured.

Holding a press conference on the same day, New Zealand rime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, condemned the loss of lives in the tragedy. She termed the firing as an unprecedented act of violence and marked the day as one of the darkest ones in the country’s history.

Performing her responsibilities as the woman in charge of the nation, she has extended financial help to the survivors and has offered to cover the funeral costs of those killed. Apart from these, the 38-year-old vowed that the country’s gun laws will change.

But the most heartwarming gesture was yet to come.

On Saturday, Jacinda Ardern gave us an example of her pure heart, when she visited the affected community in Christchurch. In a bid to lend her support to those affected, she donned a black headscarf and met the survivors, the families of those killed and others.

She was seen interacting with the people whose lives have been severely altered by the tragedy and giving them warm hugs of consolation. The grief in her eyes was as genuine as it can be. However, one particular photograph, clicked by Christchurch council photographer, Kirk Hargreaves, drives our point home.

Her true act of kindness and concern has got people rightfully lauding the Prime Minister as the pictures and videos of her visit continue to spread on social platforms.

Take a bow, Jacinda Ardern. You just showed the world what a true leader looks like!

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