Pictures Of Ivanka Looking Dreamily At Trudeau Are Making Twitter Go Absolutely Bonkers!

The internet loves Donald Trump. Well, not exactly. Maybe we could say the internet is thoroughly entertained by Trump. Yes, that’s a more apt illustration of how we feel about him. While we were still recovering from the laugh riot which was this Trump-Trudeau picture, the internet graced us with more meme-worthy images. This time, it was Ivanka Trump looking dreamily at Trudeau (honestly, I don’t blame her).

Here are some of the best memes that immortalised this noteworthy moment:

1. Gulabi aakhein… jo teri dekhi. 


2. Tumhare liye jaan hazir hai.


3. Palat… palat… palat. 


4. Oh, he did not just say that!


5. Mine too! 😛


6. Full marks for effort.


7. We got a poet in the house!


8. Watch out guys!


9. Who is he?


10. Be good. Be like Trudeau.


11. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it.


12. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

There is one very important lesson to be learnt from all of this: Never underestimate the meme game of the internet.