A Pretty Town In Italy That’s Full Of History & Art Will Pay You ₹25 Lakhs To Move There

Italy is one of the dream locations for people who love to travel. Set along the Mediterranean coastline, Italy is popular for its beaches, food, architecture, history, wine and the insanely good-looking people who inhabit there. The place makes people want to leave everything behind, pack their bags and move there!

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For people who wish to move to Italy, we bring good news. According to a report by NDTV, a pretty town in Italy named Presicce, that’s located in the sunny region of Puglia, is offering people 30,000 Euros (Rs 25.1 lakhs approximately) to move there and take up residency.

The town has immense historical, architectural and artistic significance. However, several locals have vacated the place and moved elsewhere. The town is also suffering from a declining birth rate.

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“There are many empty homes in the historical centre built before 1991 which we would like to see alive again with new residents,” said Alfredo Palese, local Presicce councillor.

The 30,000 euro incentive is to lure people to come, buy one of the abandoned houses and settle down in Presicce. People can use the money to buy a new home and restyle it however they wish. According to Economic Times, “ready to move in” properties are being sold for “rock bottom prices”. There are some homes (50-square-metre) that can be bought for 25,000 euros or Rs 20.9 lakhs!

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The popular tourist destination Venice is a 10-hour drive away from Presicce, whereas Rome and Milan are a 7-hour and 11-hour drive away, respectively.

Is anybody willing to pack their bags and leave? 😉

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