Italy Court Rules That Child Should Have Surnames Of Both Parents, Not Just Father’s

In most parts of the world, including India, a newborn child is automatically given the surname of the father. This is even when many married women continue to use their maiden name. However, in a progressive step, the Italian constitutional court has ruled that this practice is “discriminatory” and “harmful” to the identity of the child.

According to The Guardian, the court has ruled that Italian children should be given the surnames of both parents, overturning the generations-old tradition.

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The parents are to mutually decide the ‘order’ of the two surnames (the mother’s surname first or the father’s). And if the child is to be given only one surname, it is also to be mutually decided by both parents.

Several people online lauded the Italian court’s ruling and suggested that other nations should adopt the same policy.

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Do you think this should be implemented in India too?

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