Video Shows Quarantined Italians Singing Together From Their Balconies During Coronavirus Lockdown

After Mainland China, Italy is the worst hit by the coronavirus catastrophe. According to the Live Coronavirus Tracking Dashboard, 17,660 cases have been confirmed so far, while 1,266 people have already lost their lives in the fight against the virus.

Hence, to contain the virus from spreading, the Italian government has put the entire nation in lockdown, putting daily life on hold. Only grocery stores, banks, and pharmacies are allowed to operate, reported The Guardian. Streets are deserted and people dread leaving their houses in the nationwide quarantine.

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And amidst this emergency, people of Italy have not lost hope. In several viral videos coming from across the country, people can be seen singing together in harmony from their balconies, reported News18.

Journalist Hannah Murphy shared the heart-warming video of people from Naples singing together from their balconies during the coronavirus quarantine.

Soon after, many people took to Twitter and shared similar videos of people singing together from their homes.

From singing patriotic songs to pop and folk song and even the national anthem, the Italian neighbours are simultaneously boosting morale and managing to kill time during the quarantine.

People online were impressed by the will-power of the Italians in the face of isolation:

At a time when many might panic, these people have found an interesting way to spread the message of humanity and keeping their spirits high while socially distancing themselves from each other. Hang on you guys, this too shall pass!

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