You Can Now Buy A Home In This Beautiful Italian Town For As Little As ₹90

It is no doubt a struggle and a dream for many to be able to afford a home for themselves, considering the soaring real estate prices in many cities. But that’s not quite the case in several small places in Italy! After Bisaccia and Salemi, now another Italian town named Castiglione di Sicilia in Sicily is the latest entrant to sell houses at a dirt-cheap price.

As per a report in News18, the southern town of Castiglione di Sicilia has over 900 abandoned houses that are piled up on a hillside on the flank of Mount Etna, amid the picturesque beaches of Sicily’s east coast. The city is pricing these houses based on their condition. Since half of these houses are ruined, they will be sold off at a symbolic rate of 1 euro (Rs. 90 approx.)

On the other hand, the houses that are in better condition and require minimal renovation will be sold off at low prices ranging from 4,000- 5,000 euros (Rs 3.6 lakh-Rs 4.5 lakh). Most of these homes are located in the oldest parts of this town.

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As per a report in Fox News, Mayor Antonino Camarda stated, “We have a huge architectural heritage to rescue, packed with history. Over time, too many people have left, leaving behind a bunch of old, picturesque houses, many even dating back to the Renaissance.”

aerial view of city during daytime
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Would you be willing to trade your current life for this? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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