2 Quarantined Italians Play Tennis Across Apartment Windows, Watch Video

Several countries and states across the world have imposed a lockdown due to the coronavirus, urging citizens to self-quarantine at home. With thousands of people confined within their homes, creative ideas to battle boredom have emerged which have never been thought about before. For example, singing together with neighbours from balconies, working out inside the house, recreating holidays at home, etc. The world surely has its thinking cap on!

In a fun addition to the various activities one can engage in during quarantine, two Italian guys were spotted playing tennis across their windows, reports India Today. Honestly, it is surprising how the two could go so long without dropping the ball!

Have a look!

People on the internet are full of love (and jokes!) for the two guys. Many jokingly said how this little game of tennis managed to give them anxiety!

While the pandemic has taken a serious toll on the world, it is good to see people coming together to find creative ideas to spend their time and be there for one another.

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