As ISRO Makes Record By Launching 104 Satellites In One Go, Twitter Launches Fun Reactions

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is one of the fastest growing space agencies of the world. Once considered a novice player in the space-race, ISRO has brought India into the limelight by its Lunar mission, ‘Chandrayaan’, Mars orbiter mission, ‘Mangalyaan’ and by its ever-evolving launch capability.

Thanks to ISRO, India is now considered as the cheapest and the most reliable nation to launch satellites into space. A majority of nations, including the USA and many European countries, are preferring India to launch their satellites.

On Wednesday morning, ISRO created history by launching 104 satellites in a single mission. The previous record was held by Russia who launched 37 satellites together in 2014. Out of 104, 3 satellites were Indian while the rest were from multiple nations.


As soon as the launch was successful, congratulations started flowing on Twitter. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi was amongst the first to applaud ISRO.


And then there were people who found some fun in the launch. Check out these hilarious tweets.

1. And they are a pro in that now


2. “Ye jo des hai mera”


3. Hell yeah, we would


4. Can’t argue that


5. And they are both going strong


6. Get it, get it?


7. True that


8. And no Kapil Dev too 😀


9. ISRO scientists be like


10. Did ISRO copy OLA and Uber?


11. Space traffic police, you listening?


12. Maybe a formal application would work


13. Ab dangal hoga


14. So much for inspiration


15. This had to be here


Bonus tweet: These beautiful lines by Prasoon Joshi.

The west, which once considered India to be a land of snake charmers, is now sending their payloads up in the space with the help of our space agencies.

Kudos to ISRO on the achievement and making us proud yet again. May India’s name shine brighter amongst the stars in the days to come.

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